February 27, 2014

saying goodbye to chasing kite tails

"...and you hope the thing closes out like last breaths, 
like whispers about how much and who 
the characters have come to love." 
(donald miller, through painted deserts: light, God, and beauty on the open road)
and i hope that you can say this of me. that i gave it every pulse, every heartbeat that it deserved. that i let it live as long as it was supposed to. as deep as its season called for. as real as the breath inside me. the living, and at times dying, from which it came. hallelujah.

i don't know how else to tell you that i am saying goodbye to chasing kite tails, than by saying . .

a chase never ends, it only changes.

i have learned, that, in all our reaching for purpose and meaning, in our grasping at hopes and dreams, and all of the fumbling and falling and failing and flying . . that we are on a journey, one that will last as long as there's breath in our lungs, and blood pumping through our God-honoring veins.

i've known for quite some time, now.
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/ernesthemi384744.html#YdilqjRvlhQeDhdb.99
and i don't know how i know. i just know that there is an incredible peace and an unshakeable assurance. 
my words, for now . .  are few.
but they will become more.
oh i promise, they will become much more.
for though i am laying down the pages of chasing kite tails,
i am holding a new book [or should i say blog? ;)] in my hands.
and i cannot wait to crack it open with you and smell the freshness of its bound story waiting to unfold.
until then, i am working on something special.
a gift, that i will be making available to every single one of you.
it will be free, and it will be rich.
and it will bless you.
oh, i hope it blesses you.

things will be changing.
and soon. very soon.
but i love you.
& i'm not going anywhere.


more, much more, to come . .

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